Dramm Corporation’s New Headquarters Ribbon Cutting

Manitowoc, WI – December 22, 2022 – On Friday, December 16, The Dramm Corporation held a ribbon cutting ceremony to celebrate the completion of the new Corporate Headquarters and Production Facility.

Many friends and local community members including Mayor Justin Nickels gathered to celebrate.

Dramm New Headquarters Ribbon Cutting

“We’re appreciative to everyone for the huge group effort that it was,”
said Heidi Dramm Becker.

The new 98,000 sq. ft. building, located in the Manitowoc Industrial Park, increases Dramm’s warehouse and office space, with the ability to expand in the future.

The company has grown while staying committed to being a family-owned and operated business. Dramm now has 107 employees and is excited to offer more office and warehouse space.

Features of Dramm Corporation’s Headquarters and Production Facility:

  • Per Dramm’s request, A.C.E. used building frame materials that contain up to 74% recycled contents, and the building itself can be completely disassembled and recycled.
  • Dramm chose carpeting that has a “zero” carbon footprint. It is made from recycled fibers and can be recycled when worn.
  • 6 Electric Vehicle Charging Stations.
  • Installation of 286 solar panels, saving 90% of Dramm’s annual energy needs.
  • The orientation of the building itself allows for natural light and little need for electric lighting during the day hours.
  • The pond inspired the curvature of the building.
  • Dramm plans to keep the natural wildflower and pollinator plants growing by the pond.
  • Construction on a 2,400 sq. ft. research greenhouse will being in Spring 2023.

The Dramm Corporation started in 1941 with John Dramm inventing a product to water plants in the greenhouse quickly and efficiently. He designed the 400 Water Breaker® Nozzle, which applied large quantities of water in a soft stream while conserving water. The spirit of innovation and commitment to new ideas and solutions continues today in Dramm’s four business segments: Commercial Greenhouse Equipment, Retail Gardening Products, Drammatic® Organic Fertilizer, and DRAMMwater for greenhouse water treatment systems. The Dramm Corporation has a production facility in Algoma, Wisconsin, an office in Canada, and a warehouse in the Netherlands for European sales distribution.

For more information about Dramm’s products and services, visit us online at www.dramm.com.