Dramm Corporation Solar Panels

Dramm Saves 90% on Energy with Solar Panels

Manitowoc, WI – April 27, 2022 – Dramm Corporation completed the installation of 286 solar panels at the new headquarters in Manitowoc, Wisconsin. The 18,000 sq. ft. ground-mount solar panels produce an annual energy savings of 161,990 kilowatts.

Solar Project Dramm Corporation

“Dramm Corporation is very excited to include a large solar photovoltaic (PV) array on the site of our new facility,” Hans Dramm, President of Dramm, said. “The Dramm Corporation is committed to being a good steward of ecological conservation. The roots of our business are planted in the goal of conserving water for the horticulture industry. The addition of solar PV enhances our long-term commitment to saving energy and being environmentally conscious. We expect the array to provide at least 90% of our annual energy needs with options for future growth. The panels are dual-sided, which adds to their efficiency by allowing for the collection of photovoltaic energy refracting from the ground and collected from direct contact. It’s all very cool!”

Dramm is grateful for the insight and guidance of all its local contractors aiding in the project: Arch Solar, Abacus Architects, A.C.E. Building Service, and Check Electric.

The new Dramm headquarters, located in the Manitowoc Industrial Park, began construction in May 2021. The warehouse is complete, and the office building is currently being built. Completion is scheduled for the late summer of 2022.

The Dramm Corporation started in 1941 with John Dramm inventing a product to water plants in the greenhouse quickly and efficiently. He designed the 400 Water Breaker® Nozzle, which applied large quantities of water in a soft stream while conserving water. The spirit of innovation and commitment to new ideas and solutions continues today in Dramm’s four business segments: Commercial Greenhouse Equipment, Retail Gardening Products, Drammatic® Organic Fertilizer, and DRAMMwater for greenhouse water treatment systems.

For more information about Dramm’s products and services, visit us online at www.dramm.com.