510 Seedling Nozzle

The Seedling Nozzle allows you to water fragile plants, delicate seedlings, or plant cuttings. This high-quality nozzle sprays ½ gallon of water per minute as a cone mist. Made in the U.S.A. from solid brass.

  • Water fragile plants, delicate seedlings or plant cuttings – Produces an extra fine, hollow cone mist pattern – Unique Bullet for 510 Seedling Nozzle

  • Sprays ½ gallon of water per minute – Made in the USA. from solid brass

  • Brass

  • Made in the USA
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Dramm 510 Brass Seedling Nozzle 12350
Coverage & Flow Rate


Flow Rate


Water Pressure Rating

Min: 10 psi — Max: 60 psi

Low Pressure Use


Recommended Use


Weight & Dimensions

4.444 lbs


1.111″ x 2.222″ x 3.333″

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