ColorWear™ Garden Apron

The ColorWear™ Garden Apron by Dramm protects your clothes while keeping your tools within easy reach. The three-pocket design allows for easy storage of garden tools, gloves & seeds. The larger center pocket is perfect for garden produce or debris and is zippered for convenient removal. The ColorWear Garden Apron’s sleek design and generous tie lengths ensure proper fit. Made from 100% cotton with breathable mesh pocketing for a lightweight and durable feel. Available in assorted colors and trim style.

  • Protect clothes while keeping tools at an easy reach

  • Perfect Garden Apron! This gardening apron is a must-have–it can get a little heavy though if you load all those pockets up! But it is a true work horse!

  • Cotton and PVC

  • Made in Taiwan
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Dramm Spring Green ColorWear Garden Apron 19034
Coverage & Flow Rate

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Weight & Dimensions

0.000 lbs


0.000″ x 0.000″ x 0.000″

Dramm Red ColorWear Garden Apron 19021 Edit SKU Red 19021 0-36434-19021-5 Buy
Dramm Yellow ColorWear Garden Apron 19023 Edit SKU Yellow 19023 0-36434-19023-9 Buy
Dramm Berry ColorWear Garden Apron 19026 Edit SKU Berry 19026 0-36434-19026-0 Buy
Dramm Spring Green ColorWear Garden Apron 19034 Edit SKU Spring Green 19034 0-36434-19034-5 Buy

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