Kaleidoscope Spray Head

The Kaleidoscope Spray Head is the perfect nozzle for watering anything while efficiently saving on water. Simply attached the Kaleidscope Spray Head to the end of your hose and a variety of spray patterns are at your fingertips. The seven patterns vary from a fine mist setting for seedlings, to the shower setting for mature plants and flowers. The Kaleidoscope Spray Head comes with a manufacturer’s lifetime guarantee.

  • Ideal for all watering needs – Seven pattern spray head – Unique Bullet for Kaleidoscope Spray Head

  • Quick-click pattern changing – Heavy-duty construction

  • Impact Resistant Plastic

  • Made in Taiwan
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Dramm Kaleidoscope Spray Head 13100
Coverage & Flow Rate


Flow Rate


Water Pressure Rating

Min: 10 psi — Max: 45 psi

Low Pressure Use


Recommended Use


Weight & Dimensions

4.444 lbs


1.111″ x 2.222″ x 3.333″

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