Syphonject with 170PL Water Breaker

Water and fertilize at the same time. The Dramm Syphonject Siphon Mixer with External Check Valve draws a concentrated solution from a bucket through a flexible suction tube. The solution is then diluted as it enters the water stream at an approximate ratio of 20 parts water to one part concentrated solution. The Syphonject has a stainless steel filter spring to reduce clogging and has an external check valve to prevent water from filling the solution bucket. For best results use a garden hose no longer then 50 feet and use Dramm’s 170 Water Breaker, already included.

  • Fertilizing has never been easier – Fertilize as you water – Unique Bullet for Syphonject with 170 Water Breaker

  • Lightweight corrosion resistant plastic siphon mixer with an external check-valve – Average dilution ratio 20:1

  • Impact Resistant Plastic, Chrome-Plated Steel, Polyethylene Tube, and Aluminum Alloy

  • Made in Taiwan
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Dramm Syphonject with 170PL Water Breaker 22625
Coverage & Flow Rate


Flow Rate


Water Pressure Rating

Min: 10 psi — Max: 50 psi

Low Pressure Use


Recommended Use


Weight & Dimensions

4.444 lbs


1.111″ x 2.222″ x 3.333″

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