30″ ColorMark Rain Wand

Foam Comfort Grip with Brass Ball Valve
30″ ColorMark Rain Wand Silhouette 30″
11gpm 400 Water Breaker Full-Flow Shower
Spray Pattern

Full-Flow Shower


30.000″ x 3.000″ x 2.000″


1.400 lbs

Water Control Grip Type

Foam Comfort Grip with Brass Ball Valve

  • The original full-flow shower head nozzle.
  • Provides fast, full-flow watering without damage to your plants or disturbing soil.
  • Used and recommended daily by professional growers worldwide.
  • Impact resistant plastic, and aluminum alloy with 3/4-inch Garden Hose Threads (GHT).
  • Invented, designed and manufactured in Wisconsin.

30″ ColorMark Rain Wand

This superbly balanced Rain Wand provides a gentle, full-flow shower that won’t wash away soil or harm tender plants. Our 30-inch ColorMark Rain Wand has a foam grip and brass shut-off valve for comfortable, extended-use watering. Handcrafted and built to withstand a lifetime. Used daily by professional growers for over 75 years. Lifetime guarantee. Available in six rich colors: red, orange, gold, green, blue and berry.

Dramm’s very best brass shut-off valve is featured on the ColorMark Rain Wand. This Rain Wand is the same watering tool used daily, and preferred by greenhouse growers, nurserymen and horticulturists worldwide. Designed and manufactured in Wisconsin.

Dramm ColorMark Rain Wand’s are used for any hand-watering job. Gardens, greenhouse plants, landscapes, trees and shrubs.

Spacecraft Grade Aluminum Alloy, Impact Resistant Plastic, Brass, Comfort Foam

Made in the USA

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  • Hand-machined and assembled from brass, a chrome plated ball and hardwearing, durable seals
  • Foam comfort grip offers a soft, non-binding handgrip for extended, comfortable use
  • Brass shut-off valve provides fingertip water control at the end of your water hose
  • A quarter turn of the large, maneuverable handle and the water is shut-off.
  • Standard 3/4-inch GHT (Garden Hose Thread)
Dramm 30″ Berry Colormark Rain Wand 12503 Colormark Purple Edit SKU Berry 12503 0-36434-12503-3 Buy
Dramm 30″ Green Colormark Rain Wand 12502 Colormark Edit SKU Green 12502 0-36434-12502-6 Buy
Dramm 30″ Blue Colormark Rain Wand 12501 Colormark Edit SKU Blue 12501 0-36434-12501-9 Buy
Dramm 30″ Gold Colormark Rain Wand 22431 Colormark Edit SKU Gold 22431 0-36434-22431-6 Buy
Dramm 30″ Orange Colormark Rain Wand 12504 Colormark Edit SKU Orange 12504 0-36434-12504-0 Buy
Dramm 30″ Red Colormark Rain Wand 12500 Colormark Edit SKU Red 12500 0-36434-12500-2 Buy

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