Merchandising Tips

Increase Sales with Cross Merchandising

  • Seedling and Fogg-It nozzles on clip strips with seeds
  • Syphonject siphon injectors on a clip strip merchandised with Drammatic Organic Fertilizers
  • Garden Gard Hose Guide (60058) displayed on shelves with garden hoses
  • Dramm Shut-Offs and Hose Protectors on clip strips near garden hoses
  • Place Dramm displays in high traffic areas — near live goods, bedding plants, or check-out area.
  • Orderly displays attract attention: Merchandise colors in ROY G BIV order (red, orange, yellow, green, indigo (blue) and violet (berry)) for visual appeal-see display samples throughout catalog
  • Consider organics: Distinguish organic fertilizers/products from conventional to make choosing easier for your customers. Many consumers will choose “Earth Friendly” when given the option.

All Water Wands are Not Created Equally

Quality of construction matters.
Consumers drop, drag, and pull
hose-end items frequently.

Dramm 30″ Red Colormark Rain Wand 12500 Colormark



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