Senior Gardening Made Easier

Give up gardening? No way! Today’s seniors are active. Even though their living environment may be smaller, it doesn’t mean forgoing healthy hobbies like gardening.

Scaled down living spaces have plenty of potential for hobby gardening. Whether it is container gardening or small patches of vegetables or annuals, plants enhance our health and brighten our environments.

Of course, proper watering is part of maintaining this environment. Problems ensue, however, when you have to get yourself down to the water source. Many condominiums and plenty of houses, have the outdoor water source (spigot) very low to the ground… So low, in fact, that it can be nearly impossible to attach (thread) a hose onto it.  A secondary problem of getting the hose attached when it’s nearly impossible to thread the hose fitting on (unless you’re laying flat on your back, on the ground). Even scrunching your body down will be frustrating and potentially cause injury. These inconveniences can result in chronic back pain or just plain frustration when watering flowers and yard spaces. A good way to alleviate this frustration is to add a few good attachments to both the spigot and hose end.


Dramm Hose Protector C12625A good quality HOSE Protector Extender (Dramm Corp) – This item with the strong but malleable aluminum coil can be threaded onto the spigot and left there. It’s an incredible problem solver and makes life easier! 










Once you have an extender (sometimes called a “hose protector”), the hose still needs to be twisted/threaded onto that piece.  In order to make it really simple, a quick disconnect system will be almost magical.

With a quick disconnect or quick change system,  (Dramm Corp in Brass or durable aluminum) one part threads into your hose end and the other into the hose protector/extender.

Now that these items are in place, a simple snap in and snap out is all you need to do when you need to attach your garden hose. 

With this system, the hose attaches simply and you won’t feel as though you’re straining.  

There have been many studies that suggest that gardening; yard and flower care is good for our health.  The benefits are many including stress reduction. According to The British Medical Journal, gardening can help reduce the risk of heart attack or stroke. In an article from Garden Center Magazine, a study showed that a common factor in people who have lived to 100, was gardening!  So… don’t stop planting, just get a couple of attachments and leave them in place for the season. You won’t stop smiling!  

By: Heidi Dramm Becker

Heidi is one of the third generation owners of the Dramm Corporation in Manitowoc, Wisconsin and daughter of Kurt Dramm, an avid grower & gardener