50′ ColorStorm ⅝″ Garden Hose

Our ColorStorm Premium Rubber Hose is the best garden water hose available on the market. Made of EPDM rubber, this 5/8″ garden hose won’t crack, check, or separate. SureGrip technology resists kinking, and will allow the hose to coil easily–even in cold weather. Hot water rated up to 160° (generally, home water heaters are set to 120°-130°). While typical residential water pressures can be between 40 and 80 pounds per square inch, the working pressure of our hose is rated at 130 psi with a burst pressure of 518 psi.

This durable, abrasion resistant hose is available in 50-foot or 25-foot lengths and a choice of six brilliant colors. Professional quality for residential lawns and gardens. Made in the USA with a lifetime consumer guarantee.

  • Crush-proof nickel plated, brass fittings
  • 340 psi Pull Strength – Our fittings will not pull off the hose
  • Hexagonal Shape – resists kinking

  • 15% Thicker Wall – coils easily, flexible to –25°F

  • EPDM Rubber – won’t crack, check or separate. Durable like car tires

  • Acid Resistant – used on farms yards and food processing facilities

  • Made in the USA
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Dramm Berry ColorStorm GardenHose 17006
Coverage & Flow Rate

Flow Rate

Water Pressure Rating

Min: 30 psi — Max: 130 psi

Low Pressure Use


Recommended Use


Weight & Dimensions

4.444 lbs


50.000″ x 2.222″ x 3.333″

Dramm Red ColorStorm GardenHose 17001 Edit SKU Red 17001 0-36434-17001-9 Buy
Dramm Orange ColorStorm GardenHose 17002 Edit SKU Orange 17002 0-36434-17002-6 Buy
Dramm Yellow ColorStorm GardenHose 17003 Edit SKU Yellow 17003 0-36434-17003-3 Buy
Dramm Green ColorStorm GardenHose 17004 Edit SKU Green 17004 0-36434-17004-0 Buy
Dramm Blue ColorStorm GardenHose 17005 Edit SKU Blue 17005 0-36434-17005-7 Buy
Dramm Berry ColorStorm GardenHose 17006 Edit SKU Berry 17006 0-36434-17006-4 Buy

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