24″ Classic Rain Wand

Foam Comfort Grip with Plastic Ball Valve
11gpm 400 Water Breaker Full-Flow Shower
Spray Pattern

Full-Flow Shower


24.000″ x 3.000″ x 2.000″


1.000 lbs

Water Control Grip Type

Foam Comfort Grip with Plastic Ball Valve

  • The original full-flow shower head nozzle.
  • Provides fast, full-flow watering without damage to your plants or disturbing soil.
  • Used and recommended daily by professional growers worldwide.
  • Impact resistant plastic, and aluminum alloy with 3/4-inch Garden Hose Threads (GHT).
  • Invented, designed and manufactured in Wisconsin.

24″ Classic Rain Wand

Great for gardens and all-around, general watering tasks, the Classic 24″ Rain Wand is a lightweight, watering tool that provides a gentle, full-flow shower. Originally designed for greenhouses and nurseryman, this all American-Made, tool is perfect for gardens, flower beds and landscapes.

Dramm Classic Rain Wand’s have a comfortable foam grip and a large, easy-to-use shut-off valve–perfect for arthritic hands or wet, slippery fingers. Made in the USA. Backed by a lifetime guarantee.

Used by professional growers worldwide since 1942.

Our Classic Rain Wands are best used for watering greenhouse plants, gardens & shrubs.

Spacecraft Grade Aluminum Alloy, Impact Resistant Plastic, Brass, Comfort Foam

Made in the USA

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  • Foam comfort grip offers a soft, non-binding handgrip for comfortable use
  • Impact-resistant plastic shut-off valve allows for fingertip water control at the end of your garden hose
  • A simple, quarter-turn of the large, easy-to-move handle and the water is adjusted or shut-off.
  • Standard 3/4-inch GHT (Garden Hose Thread)
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