7 Liter Watering Can

Our 7 Liter (1.8 gallon) Watering Can is made in the USA from high-grade, injection-molded plastic that won’t rust, leak or corrode. The extra long spout is designed to sustain balance, decreasing water spillage when watering can is full. The 7 Liter Watering Can comes with a plastic rose for a gentle shower for flowers and is available in six brilliant colors: red, orange, yellow, green, blue and berry.

  • Well-balanced design molded from high-grade plastic. Includes a plastic rose (detachable sprinkling nozzle)

  • Exceptional balance and superior design

  • Thick, high-grade, flexible, injection molded plastic

  • Made in the USA
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Dramm Orange 7 Liter Watering Can 12432
Coverage & Flow Rate

Flow Rate

Water Pressure Rating

Min: psi — Max: psi

Low Pressure Use


Recommended Use


Weight & Dimensions

1.650 lbs


21.000″ x 7.000″ x 14.000″

Dramm Red 7 Liter Watering Can 12431 Edit SKU Red 12431 0-36434-12431-9 Buy
Dramm Orange 7 Liter Watering Can 12432 Edit SKU Orange 12432 0-36434-12432-6 Buy
Dramm Yellow 7 Liter Watering Can 12433 Edit SKU Yellow 12433 0-36434-12433-3 Buy
Dramm Green 7 Liter Watering Can 12434 Edit SKU Green 12434 0-36434-12434-0 Buy
Dramm Blue 7 Liter Watering Can 12435 Edit SKU Blue 12435 0-36434-12435-7 Buy
Dramm Berry 7 Liter Watering Can 12436 Edit SKU Berry 12436 0-36434-12436-4 Buy

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