Titanium Hydroponic Clipper

The Little Buddy Hydroponic Clipper w/Titanium Coated Blades features 3″ fine tip titanium-coated blades for precision cutting and resists sap to reduce sticky blades. Made with TPR rubber for a durable and lightweight feel, the Little Buddy Hydroponic Clipper w/Titanium Coated Blades has a spring-action design allowing for quick, easy and accurate trimming and shaping. The locking mechanism allows for safe and easy storage. Available in bright yellow for high visibility.

  • 3″ fine tip titanium coated blades for precision cutting (resists sap)

  • Love it for deadheading tiny dead flowers, like fustias, petunias, etc.

  • Titanium Coated Stainless Steel

  • Made in Taiwan
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Dramm Titanium Hydroponic Clippers 18033
Coverage & Flow Rate

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Weight & Dimensions

0.000 lbs


0.000″ x 0.000″ x 0.000″


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