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The Rise of Organic Food And The Role of Organic Fish Fertilizer

          By: Kurt Dramm

Organic food purchases now exceed $50 billion dollars. In 2010, organic food sales totaled almost 23 billion. Each year, organic food demand increases at an increase of 5% to 12%, with an average of 9% increase per year.* This demand has been driven by women and men shopping for clean, healthy, local food for their families.

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Water Smart, Garden Smart!

With many of us recently inspired to grow our own vegetables, taking on varying sizes of “victory gardens,” there’s no doubt that more of us will have more to water! However, we need to remember to water wisely… water smart, Garden Smart!

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Water Smart

Wise use of water on gardens & lawns saves money, conserves water and produces optimum growing.

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Sprinklers 101

Knowing the different benefits of each sprinkler type will help in choosing the right sprinkler for your lawn.

Employee Announcements with DRAMM

Manitowoc, WI – The Dramm Corporation, a leading manufacturer of high-quality watering tools, announces one employee celebrating 40 years of employment at Dramm and two employees retiring.

The Dramm family congratulates Theresa Krejarek on her 40thanniversary at the Dramm Corporation! Theresa serves as  Read More…

Senior Gardening Made Easier

Give up gardening? No way! Today’s seniors are active. Even though their living environment may be smaller, it doesn’t mean forgoing healthy hobbies like gardening.

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Dramm Red Fan Nozzle

Conquering the Lawn & Garden

To help save time and water when gardening, check out some of Dramm’s popular and new items for this summer. All of these products are available at your local garden center as well as online sources. Read More…

Dramm Adds Color to Gardening

Manitowoc, WI – April 8th, 2010 – Spring has arrived and soon we will be out in the garden again with colorful vegetables growing and flowers blooming. This Spring Dramm is adding its own color to the garden with Read More…

Dramm Whirling Sprinklers

New Colorful Sprinklers from Dramm

Manitowoc, WI – March 13th, 2009 – Dramm expands the ColorStorm™ Sprinkler line by adding two new sprinklers. Add color to your yard this spring with Dramm’s ColorStorm™ Whirling Read More…

Dramm 50 foot Soaker Hose 17050

Soak in the Possibilities

February 3rd, 2009 – Now more then ever consumers are focusing on environmentally friendly products and energy saving solutions. Since 1942 Dramm’s Read More…